- Letter from Lewis (Lou) Kimberling May 21, 1897 -

- To his sister Rachel Jane Kimberling Hill -

Pages 9 - 12
Rachel Jane and Lewis Kimberling about 1900


- Page 9 -

come to it and that is what brought me here in 1889. Bill got the lower end up to the mouth of Mudliek 220 acres. Nath got what was on the other side of the creek above the mouth of Mudliek, 180 acres and I got what is on this side of the creek above Mudliek, 185 acres.
Bill and Nath are Lewis's two brothers and Lewis is explain how the almost 600 acres of Rachel's parents farm was split up. Notice the boys received all the land, the girls got none.

When Bill got his pension, he got $500.00 back pay and he give the old man $500.00 for a clear deed to his, and Nath and me took care of the old folks for the


- Page 10 -

rest of the place, and the girls got everything else. I tried to get the old man to send you some money but I could not do anything with him, but there was two or three that could do anything with him that they wanted to, he was so childish and I tell you Rach I had lots of trouble with him. Him and Bug lived here by their selves after mama died and I lived down in the old house and I had to stay here the most of the time and he would not


- Page 11 -

consent for me to move in with them and some of the rest kept putting mischief in their heads and had me to buy a great many things that he had no use for and it has run me in debt considerable.

I intend to sell out as soon as I can and go west again. I have got 160 acres of land out in Neb. and $1,260.00 in notes and some cattle. When I get out west again I expect to see you folks and then I can tell you all
Lewis never sold out and return to Nebraska to live. He however went to Kansas and visited his sister, evident by the picture of him and her above.


- Page 12 -

about everything. If you remember how much land the old man had, you won't understand how we got so much, when they surveyed the farm it ran over, so he had nearly 600 acres.

You would not know this country, there has bin so many changes since you saw it. The ridge between here and where you used to live is all cleared up. I have not bin up where you used to live since I come back from Nebraska

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