- Letter from Lewis (Lou) Kimberling May 21, 1897 -

- To his sister Rachel Jane Kimberling Hill -

Pages 5 - 8
Rachel Jane and Lewis Kimberling about 1900


- Page 5 -

Charlie Lize's boy went to Pittsburgh and I have not heard of him for 2 years.
It is documented that Eliza on April 10, 1870 sued Hannibal Scantlin for support of a male bastard, Charlie, born November, 15, 1869.

Bug lives with Nath
Bug is their sister Hanna A. Kimberling, she was the fifth child, next one older than Rachel. Bug never married. Nath is thought to be Joseph Nathaniel Kimberling, their brother, the eleventh child.

Harriett lives in Indiana, she has 8 or 9 children, they lost 2 last winter with diphtheria. They have one teaching school. They are getting along very well.
Harriett was a sister to Rachel and Lewis, she was the seventh child.

Nance lives where they always lived out where the old man Williams Lived. The old folks are dead and the General owns the farm. They have 6 children living and one dead.
Nance or Nancy is the sister of Rachel and Lewis, Nance was the eight child. Nance husband was General Washington Williams.


- Page 6 -

I have 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys, our oldest is a boy, he is 17 years old, last January the 5th.
This would be children of Lewis Kimberling the ninth child and Rachel's brother.

Joan lives on the upper end of the place. She owns 24 acres, on there she built a house in the open field, last spring, and lives in it.
Joan is a sister to Rachel and Lewis, Joannah Kimberling would have been the tenth child.

Harper Bennett is dead, he has been dead 3 years last winter. Joan has had 12 children, 9 living, 1 in the Leuriatic Asylum and 3 dead, 2 married, 1 in Indiana.
Joan was married to Mr. Bennett. In this letter, Lewis refers to him as Harper, but other references show him as Crayton Dentist Bennett, both references agree he died in 1894? Other reference also shows Joan remarried to a Ezekal (Zek) Jividen, 28 August 1901.


- Page 7 -

Nath lives across the creek just above grandma's old house. He married one of old Billy Miller's girls, they have 3 children living and one dead.
Again Nath is the brother of Rachel and Lewis, he was the eleventh child, Joseph Nathaniel Kimberling, same name as his father.

Thomas J. Williams lives over at the mouth of Wolf Creek, he owns about 30 acres there.
Thomas or Tom was Thomas Jefferson Williams the husband of Sarah F. Kimberling who was a sister to Lewis and Rachel, the third child. She died June 5, 1864, age 21 years, 9 months, and 29 days, while giving birth.

Frank Edington married one of Eb Workman's girls. They have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Him and his mother haves and owns the Hugh Parker farm. One of the boys, Niathin is in the Standing Arme he is in Kansas, some were north of you. I don't know his P.O. Address.
Frank or John Franklin Edington was the son of Malinda Kimberling, the oldest of Rachel and Lewis' brothers and sisters.


- Page 8 -

I forgot to finish about Tom Williams, he married one of Mark Sayre's girls and has 5 children, 2 boys and 3 of the other kind, and a good prospect.
This again is thought to be Thomas Jefferson Williams, husband of Sarah Kimberling who died at age 21, giving birth.

Well I suppose you will want to know about what became of what the old folks had. They divided up the farm in 1887 and wrote to me in 1888 that there was a piece here for me if I would

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