- Letter from Lewis (Lou) Kimberling May 21, 1897 -

- To his sister Rachel Jane Kimberling Hill -

Pages 17 - 19
Rachel Jane and Lewis Kimberling about 1900


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PS: I have thought of something more on the 2nd of May it snowed nearly all day. We have had a very cold spring but we have a good prospect for a crop, the wheat is headed out and a fair prospect for a crop. We will have plenty of fruit, peaches and apples, I have corn big enough to plow. Old Bill Barnett and his wife is parted and he married a young girl. Old Hiernan Jacobs is about dead with consumption.
Hiernan must be the father of all the Jacobs girls that married into the Kimberling family.


- Page 18 -

2 of Bills folks married into old Hicman's family and Jondr is about to marry an other one.
Two of William Harrison Kimberling's girls married Jacobs, Victoria Belle (Jude) Kimberling married a Jacobs, first name unknown, he died two years after marriage. Prudence (Prady) Kimberling married Ike Jacobs in 1892.
John married one and she died and he married a widdow, Galispie and Prady married Ike Jacobs and he died, and she came back home.
John is felt to be John Kimberling first child and son of William Harrison Kimberling. It is recorded that John married Elizabeth Jacobs. They were the parents of one son. She died and John than married Laura Alice Gillespie.
Mat married one of John Brannons girls, used to live on your place. Brannons lives in the Jack Stephins house and built a part of that place.
It is recorded that Nathaniel Kimberling, fourth child and son of William Harrison Kimberling, married Maggie Love Brannon, not sure if the "MAT" referred to here is Nathaniel or not.

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The children's names are, Odus Franklin, Mildest Frances, Eva Penelope, Albert Craig (Toby), Molina Agnes.
These children were Lewis Kimberling's

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