- Letter from Lewis (Lou) Kimberling May 21, 1897 -

- To his sister Rachel Jane Kimberling Hill -

Pages 13 - 16
Rachel Jane and Lewis Kimberling about 1900


- Page 13 -

except along the creek. There is a big store and roller mill up on the old Barnett place. Josh Shinn lives on your old place yet. That ridge between here and 18 is a cleared up and nice farms out there. Ed Riffle owns the old Entsminger mill it is just about like it used to be when Iki lived there. Like most of the old people that you used to know is dead, but I have not space to name them. Old Parie Gray and old George Gray is living yet and old Christina Wolfer
I could find anything on these folks Lewis spoke of, Ed Riffle, Entsminger mill, Iki, Rarie, George Gray and old Christina Wolfer? If anyone knows who he was talking about please let me know.


- Page 14 -

is living yet, she lives with Dick Knapp, she is almost crazy and they are looking for old Ingaby Clifford to die with a cancer in her eye.

Well Enoch they have organized a big Methodist church down at Egypt where you used to preach and are taking steps to build a church house, they have a good United Brethren Church House at Rock Castle and one of the same in the low gap between old Jo Costies and the Rant Edwards place. We have a good Church House
Enoch Hill was Rachel Jane's husband and he was a United Brethren Preacher.


- Page 15 -

for our church near the mouth of poplar, it is 30' by 40', we have Sunday school every Sunday at 9 1/2. I am Supt and I am Justice of the piece, I was elected last election on the Republican ticket by 165 majority over 3 others.

I generally weigh in the winter time 202 lbs., I weigh now 198, my wife weighs 143. We had a mess of new potatoes for dinner to day. I have a pair of match horses and a mare and colt,


- Page 16 -

2 cows and 1 heifer, 2 hogs, 2 dogs, and 10 cats and lots of chickens that is about all of the live stock, 1 wagon, 1 cart, and 1 buggy. Now I believe that I have written about all the news I can think of, if you think of anything more you want to know ask me in your next letter and I will tell you in my next letter. So I will close, hoping to hear from you soon. I remain Resp.& C.

Lewis Kimberling
Nat-Mason Co. West Virginia

A note on the top of page 16, up side down says
John Kimberling keeps Nat PO, he is Bills boy

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