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John W. Kimberlin, Elizabeth Derossett, Dr. Dan Steele, William, A. Kimberlin, Granville Kimberlin, John J. Kimberlin, Mary J. Kimberlin, Talbot Kimberlin, Sarah Kimberlin, Genoa Kimberlin, George S. Kimberlin, Samantha Kimberlin, James W. Kimberlin Jr, Mary Ann Polly Williams, Wilbur Wilburn Kimberlin, David Kimberlin, Robert Kimberlin, Elizabeth Kimberlin, Virtrecia Beatrica Kimberlin, Arminta Kimberlin, Kathryn Kimberlin, James Kimberlin, Elvin Kimberlin, John A. Logan Kimberlin, Purlina Pearlina Kimberlin, Thomas Kimberlin, Arthur Kimberlin, George Kimberlin, Margaret Perkins,


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