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Jacob Kimberlin, Hans Martin Kimberlin Sr, Elizabeth Kirkstetter, Margaret, John Jacob Kimberlin, Elisabeth Kimberlin, Martien Kimberlin, Solomon Kimberlin, Margaret Kimberlin, Maria Kimberlin, Julianna Kimberlin, Anna Barbara Kimberlin, John Peter Kimberlin, Johannes Kimberlin, Evae Kimberlin, Margaretta, Magtalena, Mary Molly Maxwell, James Lambert, Joseph E. Kimberlin, Susanna Kimberlin, Julianna Kimberlin, Mary M. Kimberlin, Catherine Kimberlin, Elizabeth Kimberlin, Stephen Kimberlin, Barbara Kimberlin, Jacob Abraham Abe Kimberlin, Henry Kimberlin, James Lambert Kimberlin, Elizabeth Harner,


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