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Charles Ray Greenlee
Trilba Mae Kimberling
Dwight Lyman Greenlee
Pearl Bernice Thomas
Ray Hoyt Kimberling
Louise Bennett
Veva Louise Greenlee
Isaac Ray Thornton
Sylvester George Thornton
Bertha Pierson
Norma Louise Thornton
Albert Ray Hall
Roy Samuel Thronton
Nancy Nannie Margaret Greenlee
John Lew Stone
Grover E. Rowley
Mary Grace Brown
Kenneth Lew Stone
George Washington Stone
Lyman Ray Greenlee, Larry Greenlee, Darla Greenlee, Willard Greenlee, Laura Duff, Lester Lynn Thornton, Rosa Lee Thornton, Betty Lou McCoy, Eliza Jane Greenlee, Morgan Greenlee, Rowley, Hiram Stone, Nancy Ellen Martin, Lucille Irene Elizabeth Stone, Hal Paul Phillips, Vivian Sophia Todd, William Clarkson Greenlee, The Descendants of Edward Greenlee of West irginia,


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