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Nellie Irma Blanche Greenlee, Charles Raymond Morgan, Leila Ann Greenlee, Eliza Jane Greenlee, Morgan Greenlee, Thomas T. Fenimore, George Fenimore, Laura Fenimore, Hannah Fenimore, Samuel King, Mary Elizabeth Greenlee, French L. Nelson, William Arbuckle Nelson, Nancy Jane Greenlee, William Nelson, Cora Martin, Mina Nelson, Edward Nelson, Morgan Nelson, otto Nelson, George Nelson, Otis Nelson, Vernon Nelson, John Morris Greenlee, Luretta Sullivan, William Henry Sullivan, Rachel Thornton, Clarence Marshall Greenlee, Minnie B. Widdup, Lona Greenlee George Everett VanMetre, Perry VanMetre, Deilia Grimm, French L. Greenlee, Dora Colman, Walter Leander Greenlee, Jennie Lula Tate, Addie Edna Peck, William Morgan Greenlee, Carrie Jenison,


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