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Bessie Ann Hill
Wilma Athene Slifer, Ethel Irene Hill, J. Fahrney Slifer, Rev. Burton Metzler, Church of The Brethern, Odus Grant Hill, Florence Flora Ann Brooks, James Paul Pitzer, Arvil Oscar King, Lorene Anna Pitzer, Kenneth Harold Pitzer Sr, Edith Irene Pitzer, Pearl Juanita Pitzer, Emma Mae Pitzer, John Odus Pitzer, James David Pitzer, Clarence Lee Pitzer, Phillip Harrison Pitzer, Glen William Lewis, James William Lewis, Hattie Mae Behner, Phyllis Ann Lewis, Donald Eugene Lewis, James Paul Lewis, Judith Kay Lewis, Gerald Glen Lewis, John Mirle Beeson, Mirle Dwight Beeson, Freda Irene Crozier, Johnene Kaye Beeson, Kathy Ann Beeson,


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