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Ronald Edward Kimberling, Lewis Kimberling, Mary Elizabeth Grumbine, Penny McClure, Joe McClure, Shirley Siever, Dustin Frant Kimberling, Stephen Daniel Kimberling, Cassie Lynn Kimberling, Cara Jo Kimberling, Niki Ann Kimberling, Phillip Lewis Kimberling, Lewis E. Kimberling, Mary Ann Kearns Schroll, Beverly Jean Francis, Billy Jean Francis, Willa Dene Dowell, Carma Brooke Kimberling, Cody Lewis Kimberling, Logan Brant Kimberling, Rebecca Ann Kimberling, James Garner, Kimball G. Lang, Bessie Othiel Kimberling, Nathaniel Kimberling, Pearl Harper, Herbert Paul Lee, James Virgil Lee, Flora Ethel Rader, Rebecca Fern Lee, Roger Harold Lee, Flora Blanche Lee, Olen Paul Lee, David Nathaniel Lee, Judith Ann Lee, Delores Irene Lee,


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