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Ernest Emil Kimberling, Carl Aubrey Kimberling, Marcella May Thompson, Virginia Lee Kauderer, Paul Fredrick Kauderer, Roma Juanita Gossler, Michael Kimberling, Laura Ann Kimberling, Amy Christine Kimberling, Elvin Ray Kimberling, Emil Kimberling, Lucy Stover, Ollie Thompson, Ernest Thompson, Charlotte Van Atta, Charlotte Marie Kimberling, John Elvin Kimberling, Hazel Adams, Virgil A. Adams, Nelie Young, Clarence E. Franciscus, Robert Franciscus, Patricia Franciscus, Ralph Richard Franciscus Kimberling, Joseph LaRosa, Frank LaRosa, Lily LaRosa, Anthony Joseph LaRosa, Stephen Edward LaRosa, John Elvin Kimberling, Carol Rarick, Eva Quinlan, Robert Quinlan, Dorothy Quinlan, Rick Brandenburg, Amy Kimberling, Beth Kimberling, Brian Kimberling, Tiffany Brandenburg, Rebecca Ott, Frederick Ott, Dora Elizabeth Loar,


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