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Ray Hoyt Kimberling, Louise Bennett, Rev. Baker, Wade Bennett, Sarah Smith, Tribla Mae Kimberling, Charles Ray Greenlee, Lyman Ray Greenlee, Larry Greenlee, Taria Greenlee, Maranda Greenlee, Carl Scott Kimberling, Evelyn Fisher, Sebert Fisher, Lettie Dudding, Dorothy Stover, Mary Stover, Sarah Alice Kimberling, Ray Hoyt Kimberling, Louise Bennett, John Peck, Silas Arthur Peck, Mary Jane Thomas, Mary Joan Peck, WilliamAbsten, Landis Absten, Goldie Warner, Garry Hoyt Peck, Becky McArdle, Joe McArdle, Edith McArdle, Jodie Johnetta Peck, John Carry,


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