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Trilba MaeKimberling, Ray Hoyt Kimberling, Louise Bennett, Charles Ray Greenlee, Dwight Lyman Greenlee, Pearl Bernice Thomas, Lyman Ray Greenlee, Larry Greenlee, Darla Greenlee, Irvin Ray Kimberling, Polly Ann Casto,Orville Casto, Nancy Herdman, Sammy Ray Kimberling, Tammy Lynn Kimberling, Carl Scott Kimberling, John Kimberling, Louise Bennett, Evelyn Fisher, Carl David Kimberling, Darren Fisher Kimberling, Hazel Eunice Kimberling, Fred Byron Harmon, Dorsel Harmon, Bessie Eugene Harmon, John William Harmon, Charles Harmon, Mildred Harmon, Boneva Harmon, Arden Hulbert Casto, Fred Casto, Hazel Casto, Jerry Wayne Casto, Denner Keith Casto, Diana Lynn Casto,


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