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John Kimberling, Laura Alice Gillespie, Elizabeth Jacobs, Joseph Gillespie, Wavie Dail Kimberling, Hoyt Kimberling, Hazel Kimberling, Samuel Brooks Stone, Frederick Miller Stone, Mary Bell Sayre, Herman Stone, Hilda Jean Stone, Mary Alice Stone, Elnora Kathryn Stone, Lovada Lois Stone, Ruth Jane King, Charles King, Lina Etta Stewart, Opha, Eugene Stone, Wavie Marcella Stone, Samuel Larry Stone, Sandra Sue Stone, Ellwood Stone, Gary Herman Stone, Linda Lois Stone, Nancy Louise Neal, Gilbert Neal, Kathryn McKinney, Robert Eugene Stone, Kathy Jean Stone, Ronnie Paul Stone, Carolyn Ann Stone, Tracy Allen Stone, Dale Robert Wilson, John Wallace Wilson, Marcella Mae Osborne, Robert Eugene Wilson,


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