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White River Valley Historical, Frederick Kimberling, Nanna C. Peterson, William Wesley Kimberling, Phoebe America Cox, Freda Kimberling, Fred Kimberling Jr, Juanita Ruth Kimberling, Jewell Edith Kimberling, Baby Kimberling, Burdette Yeo, Kenneth B. Yeo, Mary Dell Marsbach, Elizabeth Yeo, Nancy Yeo, Kenneth Burdette Yeo III, John Frederick Yeo, Caroline Yeo, Barbara Yeo, William H. Ramsey, William H. Ramsey Jr, Juanita Ruth Kimberling, Lawrence S. Chandler, Judith Ann Chandler, Joan Chandler, Jeannie Chandler, Janet B. Chandler, James Chandler, John Frederick Chandler,


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