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David Obediah Kimberling, Mary Emaline Dgle, Cannon Dgle, Martha Jane Surratt, James Monroe Kimberling, Martha Combs, Myrtle Ann Kimberling, Albert L. Merridth, Cordelia Ada Kimberling, Julus William Combs, Clister Henderson, Vivian Henderson, Mark K. Kimberling, Rosa Lee Johnson, Meda Alma Almeda Kimberling, Melvin Henry J. Crawford, Erman N. Crawford, Mildred E. Cantrell, Eunice Ilene Crawford, Marvin Jewell Crawford, Eula Maurine Simpson, Lucille Geneva Crawford, Homer Edward Parks, Charley Lulu Stansberry, Lily Dorothy Kimberling, John Conley Stucks,


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