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John Allen Pitzer
Claiborne Pitzer
Priscilla Peggy Ann Clark, Frederick Harry Clark, Ida Bell Northcutt, Ralph Charles Stevens, Catherine Alane Stevens, Martha Kimberling, Paulser Kimberling, Sarah Wright, John Hendeson, Isaac Matthews, Agnes Nancy Kimberling, Fredrick Pitzer, John Pitzer, Elizabeth Madison, Kistner, Captain Frederick Pitzer, Mammy Jane, Susan Akers, Mary E. Pitzer, Sarah Pitzer, William Pitzer, Adaline Pitzer, Elizabeth Pitzer, Agnes Nancy Pitzer, Mary Pitzer, Caroline Pitzer, Henry Boggess Jr, Adeline Boggess, Elizabeth Boggess, Oscar Boggess, Mary Jane Boggess, Alvina Boggess, Melvina Boggess,


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