- James Paul Pitzer Letter, December 1937 -

The following is a scanned copy of a letter written by my father James Paul Pitzer (1898-1938) to his parents John Riley Pitzer and Annie Elizabeth Bower Pitzer. It is the last known letter he wrote before disappearing in the spring of 1938. (Phillip H. Pitzer December 2004)

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The envelope front

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The envelope back

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The following is my interruption of the above letter, (easier to read), I left some of the errors in for your enjoyment. I hope you found this interesting. Phillip H. Pitzer, December 2004.

Liberty, Kans. 12:9,37.
Dear Dady and Mother
You wrote us such a good letter, it came Monday and we all enjoyed its contents so much. I paid the note off at the bank at Dewey by borrowing it the $50.00 and additional $100.00 it back the banker talked me into borrowing the $100.00 for he had customer that had some extra nice gilts just ready to breed. him the banker and my land lord are awful close friends and they both wanted to help me get something in my name so I could pay my bills and they both agreed that good red hogs would pay me quicker than anything a farmer could invest his money in so being as they both it safe I have six nice red gilts traded our fat bay pig for a boar pig 150 lb. the same day I got the gilts Nov. 20 and now I have them all bred and will pig in March. the fine gilts I bought are dark red and all five weighed 980. and you remember the one we had they are all so nice and long. and gentle can scratch them they the five cost me 7cts a lb or near $70.00 I got them from the same man I got the little Pigs from in the spring. I may never be able to faten their pig crop but we have fixed the fence over in the big field so we can hold them their when the days are nice. our wheat is all froze until they is not much to eat. Yet they enjoy picking up the acrons in the timber turn them loose at noon and they are here at feed time. I bought 2 little J. heifer calves about same time as pigs and 100 lb of sugar at 5.19 and 100 lb at 9.80 of compound same day, so you can see with what all we have stored for winter our check we get from government of $15.00 each month we can live. expect more money as winter gos by. any way last winter it got up to #26.00 each month for Jan. Feb. March. then smaller checks till June. We shure hope this finds each of well and at specily Mother she afford to get sick this dread full cold weather it has been is cold lately down near zero 2 mornings. We are still eating sliced tomatoes and fresh Pairs out of the cave the girls opened some berries for supper and corn also and both were as good as fresh ones. Our chickens are trying hard to lay but so cold we get 9 egges today and some days only 7 or 8. better let me send you some more Pecans since N.C.Pitzers were their I bet you don't have many nuts left.

Now you just keep the union suit I have some and bought Kenneth some last week. Many thanks for offering to send then but I think best you keep them. Clarence Lee is feeding me roasted Pecans and they are as good as roasted Peanuts or better when you can't get the Peanuts.

Our black cow is not fresh yet but we shure wish she could hurry up. we need more milk. this awful cold weather when they was good wheat pasture for our cows we had plenty of milk and butter.

We had a load of oats ground some time ago. Philip has two teeth and has rosey red cheeks like Lorene had when little. The children are fixing a big program for Christmas time little Jim has a long speech to say and he just enjoys learning poems.

All are Ok this fine winter morning right at zero. Kenneth is ready to leave for school if he don't for get to he will mail this.


P.S. dont have time read this over to correct mistaks.

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