- David Bower Daily Journal -

David Bower

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The following pages are taken from a daily journal that my great grandfather David Bower kept, from January 1, 1920 till November 1929. I hope to show you what I have intrepid his writing to mean and at the bottom of each page you can see a scanned copy of the page from his journal. Some of the pages did not scan very clearly. I may have miss intrepid what he wrote. I left some of the words as they were, others I may have capitalized where he had not or not capitalized where he had. If anyone knows of a different or better interpretation of his journal I would love to hear from you. David Bower was 77 years old at the time he started keeping this journal. This Journal should have particular interest to the Pitzer, Bower, Dyck, Dickey, Boyd, and Vaniman family lines. As they are all spoken of many times. You may also want to view the Booklet "As I remember", that David Bower's daughter, Susannah Catherine Boyd Bower, wrote. It has a lot of information about David.